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At Natasha Maine Consulting our focus is on service! 

We show you that hospitality has a tripod effect, where each leg of the tripod is equally important.  The tripod effect consists of your Guests, Employees and Associates, and lastly Owners and Investors.  When you have well trained and contented Employees and Associates, it has a rippling effect in the sense that they will be loyal and do their best at meeting and excelling in your Guests expectations.

When service levels are at its best, Guests are satisfied and will return to your property time and time again.  This in turn will please your Investors and Business Owners, as there will be a significant rise in your profit margins. 

Natasha Maine Consulting will do the following for your Hotel or Guesthouse:         

  1. Performance Enhancement
    • Being a Performance Leader
    • Finding, Hiring and Keeping the right employees
    • Pre-Interview Strategies
    • Interview Questions
    • Interview Procedures
    • Obtaining references
    • Employee preliminaries
    • Conducting Performance Appraisals
    • Progressive Discipline
    • Termination as a last resort
    • Record Keeping on all employees
    • 10 minute meetings
    • Continues Improvement Meetings (CIM)
    • Incentive Programs
    • Quarterly action plans
    • Delegating effectively
    • Team Building
    • Training properly
    • Forecasting
    • Budgeting
    • Getting the most out of your day (Prioritizing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks)
  2. Employee “How To” Booklets
    • Why is McDonalds so successful?  Systems Systems Systems!
    • Creating systems for each job
    • Booklets on each job function explaining from A-Z how the job should be done
    • No more excuses
    • Makes it easy to cross train
  3. Training On All Levels
    • Signature Phone Calls
    • Making the first impression
    • The importance of “Upselling”
    • Serving the guest at your BEST
    • Line level up to Management training
  4. New Business Set-Up
    • Do it right the first time
    • Getting you started from A-Z
    • Turning your vision into a reality
    • Finding, Hiring and Training the right people
    • Setting up “How To Booklets”
    • Including all Performance Enhancement
    • Finding the right suppliers

Contact us for a personal presentation and a business system “Uniquely made for You”!

Uniquely made for YOU